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Echoes of War: Supporting Veterans

Staff member Bill Siegel on his recent work at the Minnesota Humanities Center

Earlier this month, I was honored to represent the Great Books Foundation as a training instructor working in partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center’s “Echoes of War” project. Twelve Minnesota leaders were selected for the project, funded
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Talking Service Expands in Southern Illinois

On Thursday, August 11, the Great Books Foundation hosted a Talking Service workshop with representatives from Illinois Humanities along with facilitators who will bring Talking Service to Carbondale, Illinois. We worked out logistics, finalized dates, and prepared a syllabus of readings that will develop and encourage thoughtful discussion. We’d like
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“Why you think you’re right—even if you’re wrong”

Are you intrigued when someone’s perspective challenges your own, or are you more likely to defend your own viewpoint no matter what? Take 10 minutes to listen to this fascinating Ted talk by writer Julia Galef about how our mindset impacts how we interpret, process information, and evaluate evidence. Listen
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