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Great Books Connections

“This is inquiry learning at its finest . . .”

KarenLaneseKim Lanese, Assistant Principal at Norterra Canyon School in Phoenix, Arizona, on the impact Great Books has on her students & teachers.

“Through the Great Books process, our students are learning to have honest conversations that are rooted in textual evidence. A Great Books discussion encourages students to form opinions,
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Echoes of War: A Unique Introduction to Shared Inquiry

Thanks to grant support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we’re excited to partner with the Minnesota Humanities Center to present Echoes of War—NEH discussion leader training. Through a mix of carefully selected readings, guided discussion, lectures, and field trip experiences, participants in the workshop will prepare to
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“Moving from Heaviness to Hope”

It has been a violent and tense summer in the United States. A mass shooting in Florida, disturbing police killings of black men caught on video, murdered police officers in Dallas—all in the span of 4 weeks. These nationally covered incidents don’t include the every day violence and deteriorating community
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