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Creating a world of readers and thinkers

As a nonprofit educational organization, the Great Books Foundation is committed to using inquiry, reading and discussion to inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life to become more knowledgeable, reflective, and engaged citizens. Please help us continue to positively impact the lives of those around us.

Through our community outreach programs we encourage people to become reflective and well-informed citizens by reading about and discussing issues that impact each of us and the world we share.


Teaching Students to Think Critically about News Sources

There’s no debate that advancements in digital technology and information sharing are valuable educational tools.  However, access to seemingly endless news and information creates a few dilemmas. One of them is how to determine the reliability of sources. Students who are “digital natives”—ones who can’t remember a time without the Internet—often assume what they read or watch on a screen is true simply because it’s there. Teachers have the challenge of correcting this assumption, and repeating, “Don’t believe everything you read or watch on a screen!” isn’t enough.
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“Shared Inquiry is highly, highly impactful. . . ”

RCareyWe love attending conferences because they give us the opportunity to meet new educators and talk to them about the benefits of Great Books. We also enjoy them because we meet program users who share their positive experiences. For example, at the Kansas Gifted Talented and Creative Conference in Overland Park last week, Dr. Robin Carey, former Director of Educational Programming & Services at a school district
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The Travels of Talking Service

As Talking Service continues to grow throughout the United States, we want to keep you updated on our travels and whereabouts! Talking Service aims to give back to veterans as much as they have given to us. Here are some updates on our progress:

We were thrilled to be a part of Middle Tennessee State University’s Fall 2015 Honors Lecture Series. On September 28 Don Whitfield, the director of Talking Service, gave a lecture to Middle Tennessee State University’s students, faculty, and community about the program. Middle Tennessee State University has been named a “military-friendly institution” by G.I. Jobs Magazine for three years in a row.
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What People Are Saying

The Shared Inquiry training was phenomenal!…

--Lynn Tschaplinski
K-6 Reading Coordinator
Oak Ridge Schools
Oak Ridge, TN

This may sound like an exaggeration, but Great Books saved my sanity…. For two years it was the center of my life. Thank you Great Books.

--Virginia Tschanz
Westminster, CO

Junior Great Books is making such a difference with our students….

--Dr. Grace A. Reid
Bernard Elementary School
Washington, D.C.




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