NEW Junior Great Books K–1 Program

We’re proud to announce the release of a new interactive read-aloud program for kindergarten and first grade! Download the Sample Lesson Plans booklet so you can see firsthand how this balanced literacy program will teach your students to listen, wonder, and share.

Great Books Connections

Gainesville Great Books Group

In February 2018, the Great Books Group in Gainesville, Florida, will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Perhaps even more noteworthy than that, we will have met every month for the past 20 years, often more than once a month. Currently we are at 234 months and counting.
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The Amazing Benefits of Video Coaching

After working with teachers and schools for 18 years, I’ve had extensive experience coaching teachers in their classrooms. So it came as somewhat of a surprise to find that video coaching provided me with a whole new set of tools to support teachers—in particular, the ability to watch and review teachers’ videos allowed both of us to reflect more deeply on specific moments of instruction.
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Southwest Great Books Weekend

Creating a Great Books Council of the Southwest

Tempe, Arizona, February 16–18, 2018
Sponsored by Harrison Middleton University, Great Hearts Academies, the Great Books Foundation, and the Alliance for Liberal Learning

The Southwest Great Books Weekend is an opportunity to meet friends and neighbors who enjoy the exploration of great writing and great ideas.