NEW Great Books Plus Digital Solution

Turn your classroom into an interactive, multimedia learning environment!

Great Books Plus is a new digital solution that supports student learning and engagement with Junior Great Books while offering classroom management tools and analytics. Enjoy all the features and benefits of Great Books programs, plus so much more!

NEW Junior Great Books K–1 Program

We’re proud to announce the forthcoming release of a new interactive read-aloud program for kindergarten and first grade! Download the Sneak Preview so you can see firsthand how this balanced literacy program will teach your students to listen, wonder, and share.

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2017 Tampa Bay Great Books Drama Retreat

“Family Matters”

With today’s typical family becoming more diverse sociologically and geographically, traditional family gatherings introduce new issues and take on new significance. At the 2017 Tampa Bay Great Books Council’s Drama Retreat, we’ll examine family interactions and confrontations through the recent Tony Award-winning play “The Humans,” by Steven Karam,
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20 Read-Aloud Strategies for Grades 4 and Up

Most elementary school teachers read aloud to their students as a matter of course. But the practice is less automatic in the older grades. As children grow more independent with their reading, the temptation is to let them do it on their own. While that is great on some levels
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