NEW Great Books Plus Digital Solution

Turn your classroom into an interactive, multimedia learning environment!

Great Books Plus is a new digital solution that supports student learning and engagement with Junior Great Books while offering classroom management tools and analytics. Enjoy all the features and benefits of Great Books programs, plus so much more!

NEW Junior Great Books K–1 Program

Coming February 2017

We’re proud to announce the forthcoming release of a new interactive read-aloud program for kindergarten and first grade! Download the Sneak Preview so you can see firsthand how this balanced literacy program will teach your students to listen, wonder, and share.

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Great Books Connections

Chicago Schools Using Books to Fight Bullying

Nearly a quarter billion children experience bullying each year, according to UNESCO’s School Violence and Bullying Global Status Report released earlier this year. But some schools across Chicago are using books and discussion to stem the tide of bullying.

The Great Books Foundation, a locally based nonprofit reading program,
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Talking Service Update

Talking Service, the Great Books Foundation’s nationwide reading and discussion program for veterans, completed a two-year pilot in December, supported by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. During the pilot, the program was implemented in 14 states at 46 host sites and reached over 500 participants
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Explore the Impact of This Great Civil Rights Leader

Black history is American history. But if you, like many educators, would like to call special attention to black history in February, please consider using our lesson plan built around the text of David Dinkins’s “Martin Luther King, Jr.” This selection is in the anthology To Be a Hero,
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