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Great Books on cbsnews_black-color

Shared Inquiry is a Model for Civil Discourse

CBS News explored why seventh graders at The Lexington Academy in New York City are better at debating than the presidential candidates.

Great Books Connections

The Little Fidel in All of Us

Achy Obejas is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Ruins and Days of Awe. She was co-editor of The Great Books Foundation’s collection Immigrant Voices.
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Creating a better future through great literature

jcoulsonDespite my fondness for teaching, I began to feel an urgent need to move from the classroom to a larger sphere of influence. As a teacher, I had the opportunity to work with perhaps 150 students each academic year. Now, with the Great Books Foundation in the service of the
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In Memory of Bill Meiers

1138833330We are very sad to learn of the recent and sudden death of Bill Meiers, long-time participant in and former president of the Philadelphia Great Books Council. Many of us at the Foundation got to know Bill during his many visits to Great Books Chicago.
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