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Junior Great Books® ThinkIt™

Critical Thinking Through Nonfiction Reading

Meet your Common Core goals with ThinkIt—a new program for critical thinking practice. Aligned with grade 5 standards, but appropriate for grades 4–6, the program is unique in its combination of authentic critical thinking activities, excellent nonfiction texts, and flexible format.

ThinkIt is 30 reading and writing activities built around 10 nonfiction texts.
In ThinkIt students:

  • Read a text selection and work on ways to understand it better
  • Examine a selection to think more deeply about it
  • Create something new based on what they have learned
  • Ask and answer their own questions
  • Share and evaluate their original ideas to deepen their critical thinking

ThinkIt and Common Core

ThinkIt provides the high-quality practice required for mastery of the critical thinking emphasized in the Common Core State Standards for reading, writing, and speaking and listening, as well as the college and career readiness anchor standards. The 10 nonfiction reading selections are complex and authentic. Activities combine careful reading, mindful interaction with the text, thoughtful analysis, and creative response.

Table of Contents*

Wright Brothers, Inc. Wendie C. Old

The Highs and Lows of Hans Christian Andersen Jane Yolen

Doris and the End of the World Shelley Tanaka

The Stranger  Rose Wilder Lane

Bad Mistakes on Aconcagua  Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin

Amelia Earhart Crosses the Atlantic Shelley Tanaka

My Time on the Mount LeRoy (Satchel) Paige, as told to David Lipman

Infinity and Beyond  Johnny Ball

Christmas Eve Crevasse  Jennifer Owings Dewey

Disobeying the Dogs  Gary Paulsen

*All selections are excerpts from longer works.



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