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Great Books Connections

Listening and Learning: Discussing “Our Mutual Friend” with Classical Pursuits

Last month I spent fifteen hours, spread over five days, leading a group of thirteen people discussing a 151-year-old novel. And doing Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend for the Classical Pursuits program is number one on the list of fun, mind-expanding things I did this summer.

Each year, Toronto Pursuits offers
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Echoes of War: Supporting Veterans

Staff member Bill Siegel on his recent work at the Minnesota Humanities Center

Earlier this month, I was honored to represent the Great Books Foundation as a training instructor working in partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center’s “Echoes of War” project. Twelve Minnesota leaders were selected for the project, funded
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Talking Service Expands in Southern Illinois

On Thursday, August 11, the Great Books Foundation hosted a Talking Service workshop with representatives from Illinois Humanities along with facilitators who will bring Talking Service to Carbondale, Illinois. We worked out logistics, finalized dates, and prepared a syllabus of readings that will develop and encourage thoughtful discussion. We’d like
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