Great Books Professional Development

Teachers who lead Great Books programs strengthen their skills not only in language arts but across the curriculum.

Teachers who learn Shared Inquiry:

  • Improve their questioning strategies to lead productive text-based discussions
  • Help build students’ critical thinking skills
  • Introduce students to rich and diverse literature from around the world
  • Challenge students to go further with their ideas and opinions
  • Use a nationally recognized method of learning proven to improve student performance

In the introductory Shared Inquiry Essentials Course, educators learn:

  • What is Shared Inquiry?
  • The importance of selecting complex texts
  • The Shared Inquiry sequence of activities
  • How to lead a discussion
  • How to assess student performance
  • How to integrate Shared Inquiry into your curriculum

Cost and Format

  • Course fee is $135–$475 per person, depending on enrollment
  • Blended course includes one day (5 hours) of live instruction and 10 hours of web-based learning
  • Live course is composed of two 5-hour sessions on consecutive days
  • Browse a list of courses in your area.
  • Download an outline of our Shared Inquiry Essentials course.

On-Site Professional Development

Our on-site professional development provides customized training options, supports classroom integration, and allows you to extend your Shared Inquiry expertise beyond our Shared Inquiry Essentials Course.

Schedule our expert instructors to visit your school and work with you in your classrooms. Choose from:

  • In-classroom coaching
  • Advanced courses, including:
    • In-depth questioning skills
    • The reading-writing connection
    • Assessing student progress
    • And much more!
  • Curriculum development—we are happy to build a language arts curriculum to fit your needs and ensure that you meet state and district standards:
    • Using Great Books programs
    • Using the classroom materials of your choice

On-Site Fees
Single-day: $3,000
Two or more consecutive days: $1,800 per day (save 40%)

Buy 5, 10, 20 or more on-site consultation days for extra savings. Call today!

The best way for your teachers and students to have long-term success with Great Books programs is to engage in ongoing professional development. Our Building Internal Capacity (BIC) program allows you to select from a variety of skill-building options to get the most for your money and provide the best learning for your staff.

BIC Fees
Fees for the BIC program are based on a yearly contract. They range from $1,000–$2,000 per teacher per year, depending upon number enrolled.

Our BIC plan includes:

  • Introduction to Coaching/Mentoring Workshop (6 hours)
  • Consultation meetings (six one-hour sessions)
  • Wrap-up Workshop (6 hours)
  • Virtual coaching license
  • Specialized coaching/mentoring resources
  • Open Educational Resource library (unlimited access)
  • Additional live webinars
  • Video library (unlimited access)

Call the Great Books educational consultant for your state and build your BIC plan today!

You can do a lot of learning online! We have the resources and flexibility to provide virtual teaching and coaching, including:

  • Feeback on your classroom teaching
  • Access to free online resources and support
  • Webinars to extend your skills:
    • The Power of Student Questions
    • The Close Reading Process
    • Shared Inquiry Advanced Review
    • Custom workshops for you!

Most webinars are only $80 each, a great value!

View a schedule of upcoming webinars.

Contact Us for a Customized Professional Development Plan

Possibly the best PD I’ve ever attended. I loved the fact that the focus of the training wasn’t on the curriculum itself but more so on the Shared Inquiry methodology that makes this curriculum—or any other—come alive!  After the training, I felt better equipped as a teacher and more enlightened as a thinker.

—Maria Isabel Garcia
Instructional Coach, Sixth-Grade Teacher
Mater Gardens Academy • Miami, Florida