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Leave It to Beavers?

A Nonfiction Inquiry Lesson Plan on Physical Science: Weather and Climate

Use the Shared Inquiry method to get more out of your classroom’s nonfiction reading!

In recognition of Earthy Day 2017, we are offering this free lesson plan from Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 4. “Leave It to Beavers?” examines the reasons humans build dams and the researched effects that dams have on ecosystems, the water cycle, and earth’s climate.

This lesson plan, appropriate for grades 3–6, has:

  • Step-by-step instructions for three in-depth classroom sessions, including prereading, question sharing, and discussion activities
  • The complete text of “Leave It to Beavers?”
  • Answer forms for students to fill out and reflect upon

Join us in celebrating Earth Day—use this lesson plan to help your students investigate the impact we have on the ecosystems we all share.

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