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Founded in 1947, the Great Books Foundation has established itself as the leading advocate for a text-based Socratic method of learning.

We publish anthologies of classic and contemporary writing from around the globe and across the disciplines.

In colleges and continuing education classrooms, as well as in book groups, we foster communities of readers who value intellectual growth and civic discourse among friends. The great conversation—talking about the books and ideas that matter—continues well beyond the page, transforming the lives of all who participate.

Standing Down

Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian was created for Talking Service, the Great Books Foundation’s initiative to develop reading and discussion programs for veterans, as well as their families, friends, service providers, and caregivers. Read More >>

Vital Ideas

Each of the four volumes in the Vital Ideas series—Sex, Crime, Money, and Work—focuses on a thought-provoking topic through some of the best classic and contemporary writing in fiction, essay, poetry, and journalism.


Citizens of the World: Readings in Human Rights, EXPANDED EDITION

The concept of human rights is a revolutionary idea still in the making. This expanded edition of Citizens of the World is a comprehensive anthology for readers interested in how the idea of human rights has developed throughout history. New selections include writings on human rights issues that have become paramount since 9/11. Read More >>

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Learn about the Socratic, collaborative and question driven discussion method used in Great Books discussions. 

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