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Student Anthologies

  • Twelve works of fiction, two works of  nonfiction, and six poems by award-winning authors, all selected for their interpretive potential. 
  • Beautifully rendered, original artwork provides visual interest.

Leader's Materials Box

The Leader's Materials box contains all Roundtable materials for leaders:

  • Leader's Edition
  • Program Preview Card
  • Audio CDs
  • Activity Instruction Cards
  • CD-ROM
  • Road Map
  • Posters and Bookmarks

Leader's Editions

Resources and support include:

  • Unit guides
  • Suggested vocabulary words
  • Prompts and questions for prediscussion, discussion, and postdiscussion activities
  • Writing prompts

Audio CDs

Professionally recorded audio versions of each literary selection provide an opportunity for students to listen to texts read aloud fluently and with expression.

Activity Instruction Cards

Flexible, durable, and two- and four-sided activity cards, organized by stage and activity, include:

  • Activity summaries
  • Student learning objectives
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Support and challenge activities to provide differentiated instruction suggestions


  • Expository writing activities
  • Evidence Organizer and other handouts to help students work through the writing process
  • Creative response and cross-curricular activities
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Multiple choice tests for each prose selection
  • Guidance for portfolio assessments

Road Map

Shows how to customize use of the program and how to meet instructional objectives, and includes:

  • Integration chart that outlines how activities can be grouped
  • Scheduling and pacing options
  • Tools to integrate reading selections into the curriculum
  • Differentiation options, including sample transcripts

Leader's Edition

Audio CD