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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit best known for having originated the Shared Inquiry method of teaching and learning. Our flagship K–8 program, Junior Great Books®, has been a favorite of teachers and students for more than 7 decades. We believe that literacy and critical thinking help form reflective, knowledgeable citizens equipped to participate constructively in a democratic society.

Our Mission

The mission of the Great Books Foundation is to advance the critical, reflective thinking and social and civic engagement of people of all ages through Shared Inquiry™ discussion of works and ideas of enduring value.

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View this video to see how Junior Great Books programs help students at all levels express their ideas, listen carefully to others, and create more collaborative, caring communities.

Every fall brings the excitement of a new academic year, along with new challenges. This year, we are all facing the unprecedented challenge of returning to the classroom after a year of making compromises and adjusting techniques to keep students’ education and growth our top priority. And even though the pandemic is not entirely behind us, we are all eager to get back into the classroom with a renewed sense of our collective mission, equipped with new strategies and best practices to create a stimulating environment for all students to learn and succeed.

A caring teacher helping her reluctant student speak up during group discussion

Help Reluctant Students Speak Up

Try these seven tips to make your classroom more inclusive. Every teacher has experienced it: during discussion, some students hang back and avoid speaking. It’s clear that increasing participation helps everyone learn more, but how can that be achieved without making quieter students feel uncomfortable? The Great Books Foundation hasContinue reading

Elementary school kids raising hands to teacher

Six Fundamentals of Building an Inclusive Learning Community

Are you hoping for a better, more equitable future? Are you ready to take steps today that will help your current students? While the topic is complex, clarifying key terms and revisiting these six basics of inclusive learning communities—each coupled with specific inquiry-based learning practices—can turn our aspirations into opportunities,Continue reading

Thinking child on black background with light bulb and question marks. Brainstorming and idea concept

Four Habits of Mind That Cross the Curriculum and Last a Lifetime

Experienced educators know that genuine student success requires more than just learning how to read. If students are to become lifelong learners who seek out new information and collaborate on creative solutions, they need to internalize ways of working that enable them to approach diverse subjects and situations confidently. TheContinue reading


Junior Great Books Series 6–8

We are taking our mission beyond classrooms with a vision to build stronger, more innovative working and thinking communities, and activate influential leaders to foster positive change.

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