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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit best known for having originated the Shared Inquiry method of teaching and learning that has been a favorite of teachers and students for more than 70 years. We believe that literacy and critical thinking help form reflective, knowledgeable citizens equipped to participate constructively in a democratic society.

Our Mission

The mission of the Great Books Foundation is to advance the critical, reflective thinking and social and civic engagement of people of all ages through Shared Inquiry™ discussion of works and ideas of enduring value.

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Building a Brighter Future

We at the Great Books Foundation focus every day on facilitating thought-provoking discussions about ideas that really matter. Establishing meaningful conversations among diverse participants is central to our mission and has been the keystone of our work for over 70 years. Recent events have reiterated for us the importance of engaging with difficult and sometimes contentious issues, building community and civility, and ensuring that historically underrepresented voices are heard.

Provocative Poems on Authorship

Love, art, science, fidelity, authorship, gender—these are some of the big issues that a stalwart group of readers known as the B.S. Great Books Group (of Greater Chicagoland) has been exploring via Shared Inquiry discussions of the selections in the Great Books anthology Counterparts, where two texts on a topicContinue reading

Happy father and his small daughter holding hands and running to school

New Discussion Series Exclusively for Educators

Please join us for the inaugural event in our new Shared Inquiry™ discussion series as we read and talk about Eve L. Ewing’s moving poem “At work with my father” from Junior Great Books® Series 6. Along with fellow educators, you can read and enjoy the poem, share your opinionsContinue reading

Five Essentials for Fostering More Inclusive Learning

Intentionally creating inclusive learning communities takes time and careful planning. These key elements of the Shared Inquiry™ method and Junior Great Books® build transferable lifelong learning skills: Listening Welcoming students’ questions, interests, and needs Sustained interaction Interpretive focus Wonderful, rich texts and objects of inquiry The more you and yourContinue reading


Junior Great Books Series 6–8

We are taking our mission beyond classrooms with a vision to build stronger, more innovative working and thinking communities, and activate influential leaders to foster positive change.

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