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Recently PBS published a list of “America’s 100 most-loved books.” We love books, we love lists, but most of all, we love promoting great discussions about Great Books!

Here are a dozen discussion guides for either books listed on PBS’s 100 most-loved or for outstanding books by the same authors (if you love Pride and Prejudice, we think you’ll love Emma as well, for example).

How did life begin? How is it changing? How are human beings related to other forms of life? The writers in this new edition of The Nature of Life grapple with these questions.

The new edition features:

  • Two volumes, including seven new selections
  • Classic scientific texts and recent discoveries by major scientists
  • Correlation with Next Generation Science Standards topics for high school life sciences
  • Thought-provoking questions and discussion prompts

Great Books Connections

Great American Read

Great American Read Cast your vote today for America's favorite novel! You can see the 100 books that made the initial cut for PBS's The Great American Read and support your choice. You'll also find plenty of other interactive literary content, including author interviews, quizzes, and book recommendations.
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Patriotism and Community Action

Patriotism and Community Action Michael Elsey had the honor of facilitating a discussion sparked by Mariah Karson's wonderful photo essay American Legion.
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