12 Reasons Students Just Aren’t That Into You

Do you ever wonder why students become disengaged from learning? Why they often seem to check out in class? Of course you do. Do you wonder if your habits have anything to do with their disconnection? Teacher Jennifer Davis Bowman did and she asked her students to make a list of their top teacher turn-offs. Here is what they noted:

  1. They think tests reflect my overall knowledge
  2. They tell stories more than they teach
  3. They end it early (the class or the lesson)
  4. Favoritism
  5. Put you on the spot
  6. Take forever to grade or return work
  7. Pick on silent students
  8. Be so textbook, like not fun or just everything is so strict or boring
  9. Trick answers in multiple choice questions
  10. They are not prepared
  11. Too much unnecessary work
  12. Expect our lives to stop…

We’re confident this list isn’t specific to Bowman’s students. Self-reflection can be hard, but it’s worth doing if it can make your daily life (e.i. your teaching life) easier and more productive. Read Bowman’s full blog post at ASCD.


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