Alliance for Liberal Learning Conference in Chicago

ALLnewAre you interested in promoting and supporting conversations about great works and ideas? If yes, we encourage you to attend the inaugural conference of the Alliance for Liberal Learning (ALL) on November 6 and 7 in downtown Chicago’s historic Jeweler’s Building, also home to the Great Books Foundation. In keeping with the theme of this year’s Chicago Humanities Festival, “Citizens”, the Great Books Foundation will donate complimentary copies of our publication Citizens of the World: Readings in Human Rights (expanded edition), to all attendees of the conference.

Keynote speakers are Christopher B. Nelson, president of St. John’s College Annapolis, Todd Breyfogle, director of seminars, The Aspen Institute, and Eva Brann, tutor, St. John’s College Annapolis.

Great Books president Joseph P. Coulson, Ph.D., will participate in two panel discussions on Saturday, November 7—“Getting the Word Out: Writing, Speaking and Influencing the Public View of Liberal Learning” and “Expanding the Audience: Great Books Outside the Traditional Seminar Room.”

Two other Great Books staff members will also be involved: Denise Ahlquist will participate in the “Quantifying the Value of Liberal Learning: Assessing the Immeasurable?” panel on Friday, November 6, and John Riley will join the “Understanding the Market for Lifelong Liberal Learning” panel on Saturday, November 7.

For more information about the conference please visit the Alliance for Liberal Learning web site.

  1. Mary OMalley says:

    Could you please please start a female based Great Books initiative?
    Love it all but still feel weighed down by males
    I actually prefer male writing to female writing with of course exceptions and I think it is due to male overexposure the ear has been tainted by the male voice.
    One could easily create a comitte with the likes of Anne Varson, belle hooks, Karen Armstrong, Alice Walker and so many others.
    This would be excellent PR and would sell like hot cakes –trust me-.
    Then after several years you could do other non signified voices in our world.
    Way cool.
    And I think
    Harold Bloom would concur
    Let Sappho have her voice back!

    1. Sharon Crowley says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your very timely comment! I’m delighted to tell you about our latest publication: “Her Own Accord: American Women on Identity, Culture, and Community.” We were thrilled to publish our first collection of women’s writing last month. You can read the table of contents & purchase a copy by clicking the title link–you can also watch a video about the book. We hope you enjoy Her Own Accord as much as we do!

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