Book Groups and Shared Inquiry Discussions

For more than 70 years, people of all ages and backgrounds throughout the United States and Canada have come together to discuss meaningful ideas in Great Books Foundation book and discussion groups. Over the decades, we have been assisting book and discussion groups as they interpret complex texts using our Shared Inquiry™ discussion method.

Today, many of the Foundation’s programs and publications for K–12 classrooms, colleges, and adult book groups are built around this powerfully collaborative process.

Join a Great Books Discussion Group

You may be able to join an existing book group near you! We have a registry of groups in the United States and Canada that you can search by zip code or state.

Start Your Own Book Group

To help you start your own book group and to use the Shared Inquiry method to best effect, we have developed An Introduction to Shared Inquiry, which you can download for free. This concise booklet provides a basic overview of Shared Inquiry and gives you pointers on how to have dynamic and engaging discussion sessions.

The free booklet includes:

  • An overview of the Shared Inquiry method of discussion
  • Guidelines to ensure that conversations are productive and civil
  • Suggestions for choosing readings and asking effective questions
  • Tips on using follow-up questions that deepen discussion
  • Practical ideas for setting up your group and scheduling meetings