The Amazing Benefits of Video Coaching

Teacher helping a young girl with her reading responseAfter working with teachers and schools for 18 years, I’ve had extensive experience coaching teachers in their classrooms. So it came as somewhat of a surprise to find that video coaching provided me with a whole new set of tools to support teachers—in particular, the ability to watch and review teachers’ videos allowed both of us to reflect more deeply on specific moments of instruction.
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Overheard in a Shared Inquiry discussion: “You can’t say that! There’s no evidence in the story that proves that!”

Jean Overbroechling, a former middle-school gifted teacher from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, talks about Shared Inquiry™ discussions in her classroom.

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Chicago Foundation for Women Using #HerVoice to Share Stories

“Contemporary culture has fallen in love again with storytelling. And women’s stories, in their beauty and complexity, have the power to shape minds and shift views.”

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