Classics for Kids & Parents

Reading the same book is a great way for families to connect and learn more about each other, but it can be difficult to find books both adolescents and parents will enjoy. Great Books editors Rachel Claff and Nancy Carr spoke with The Christian Science Monitor and recommended 32 classic books that can bring families together through reading.

giver“Much like grown-up book club buddies, families can’t help but learn more about each other as they share literature. Your child may come to appreciate your fascination with plot while you’re delighted to discover that she’s mature enough to really understand metaphor.  Maybe you savor a lovely, melodic, description while he helps you relish gritty dialogue.  What’s more, in adolescence, when relationships can be strained, a fictional situation may give you or your child just the neutral opening you need to broach a sensitive issue without having to address it directly.”

Read the full Christian Science Monitor article.


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