Turn your classroom into an interactive, multimedia learning environment with Great Books Plus! Our new digital solution includes powerful integrative technology to enhance student learning and engagement, while offering a host of classroom management tools. Great Books Plus has all the features and benefits of Great Books programs and so much more! Here are just a few of the amazing things about Great Books Plus:

Works with your technology
♦ Access from any web browser
♦ Works on all mobile platforms & devise
♦ LTI-compliant to integrate with your school’s MLS

Provides Interactive Student Support
♦ Listen to professional audio recordings
♦ Access glossary of unfamiliar words
♦ Submit work for review or feedback
♦ Share questions & annotations with individuals or group
♦ Respond to classmates’ questions

Helps You Manage Your Classroom & Customize Lessons
♦ Create and manage class rosters
♦ Make and send assignments
♦ Upload related videos
♦ Show images, maps, and informational graphics
♦ Add additional texts or instructional support





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