Coming in September! Great Books Plus

Turn your classroom into an interactive, multimedia learning environment with Great Books Plus! Our new digital solution includes powerful integrative technology to enhance student learning and engagement, while offering a host of classroom management tools. Great Books Plus has all the features and benefits of Great Books programs and so much more! Here are just a few of the amazing things about Great Books Plus:

Works with your technology
♦ Access from any web browser
♦ Works on all mobile platforms & devise
♦ LTI-compliant to integrate with your school’s MLS

Provides Interactive Student Support
♦ Listen to professional audio recordings
♦ Access glossary of unfamiliar words
♦ Submit work for review or feedback
♦ Share questions & annotations with individuals or group
♦ Respond to classmates’ questions

Helps You Manage Your Classroom & Customize Lessons
♦ Create and manage class rosters
♦ Make and send assignments
♦ Upload related videos
♦ Show images, maps, and informational graphics
♦ Add additional texts or instructional support




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    • Thank you for your interest in Great Books! We’re confident your daughter would enjoy and benefit from participating in the program. Tom Kerschner, the Great Books Consultant for Michigan, will be in touch with you soon. Watch for an email ending with

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