New Title! Counterparts

CounterpartsGBConnWe excited to announce publication of Counterparts, an exciting new collection that features pairings of texts that complement or play off of one another in interesting ways. We carefully selected readings across genres and time periods on topics such as love, art, science, war, gender, authorship, and others. Here are a few of the topics you’ll explore with Counterparts:

  • How much explanation of their private lives do parents owe their children?
  • What do we learn about love and loss from fairy tales and feminist retellings of them?
  • When is scientific experimentation conducted on living subjects unethical? When is it justified?

The discussion questions for each selection will prompt unique conversations that your book group is sure to enjoy.  True to the Great Books mission, Counterparts will defy opinions and inspire ideas!

Read the table of contents and preorder today!


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