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adu-hoa3We’re always excited and proud to announce a new title, but we’re exuberant about our forthcoming anthology Her Own Accord: American Women on Identity, Culture, and Community. Gender, and the tremendous impact it has on people’s lives, is finally part of the national dialogue, and we’re thrilled to add the voices of 27 women writers to the conversations. The selections—including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short stories, memoirs, and journalistic works—explore the experiences, challenges, and achievements of women from a contemporary point of view. Together, these selections and their accompanying discussion questions allow readers to explore how gender informs every aspect of a woman’s life—identity, family, relationships, work, and politics.

“We need a complete shift, a total overhaul of how we think of women and girls and their place in the world. And one of the most impactful ways to spark that change is to know one’s journey. That is why stories are so powerful and so necessary. . . . Her Own Accord reminds us that our presence is an act of resistance; our stories are movements within themselves.”
—An excerpt from the introduction by K. Sujata, President and CEO of Chicago Foundation for Women.

Her Own Accord: American Women on Identity, Culture, and Community includes works by powerful contemporary writers such as Cristina Henríquez, Sharon Olds, Roxane Gay,
ZZ Packer, and more—read the full table of contents. Her Own Accord will be available for preorder February 26, and will be published in spring 2016.

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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Her Own Accord

  1. I am utterly thrilled at the publication of this anthology. Haven’t read it yet, but the contributors are truly the literary Amazons of the feminine world of the written word.
    I graduated from a Methodist Seminary in Kansas City, MO with a very liberal cirricula. Many of my profs were experts in their fields of feminist/womanist/mujerista theology. So, I was a bit disappointed that Her Own Accord did not include a section on feminine spirituality. Noted theologians such as Letty Russell, Sally McFague, Emilie Townes, Sharon Ringe, Maria Isazi-Diaz, Mary Daly and many, many more have been and are continuing to forge new academic disciplines and break fertile theological ground by deconstruction and fashioning male-dominated (pale, male, and stale) schools of theology into a nuanced and rigorously critical re-interpretation of what it means to be “spiritual” and female in the 21st century. I believe they and others would have made a great contribution to (what is sure to be) a well-received and well-appreciation anthology. Peace

    • Sharon Crowley

      Rick, Thank you for your enthusiasm about Her Own Accord! We’re thrilled about its publication too. Selections about feminine spirituality would certainly make for fascinating reading and engaging discussions. The anthology is our first collection of women’s writing, and we hope to publish more covering different subjects. We’ll keep your feedback in mind, and we appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Be sure to order your copy of Her Own Accord soon!

  2. will do Sharon and am looking forward to a great read – our Great Books group in Kansas City is considering reading Her Own Accord for our next book discussions.

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