Junior Great Books® Digital Classroom is your complete solution for online and hybrid inquiry-based learning.

Junior Great Books Digital Classroom for grades K–8 brings our high-quality fiction and nonfiction programs to your students, wherever and however you are meeting with them! Students and teachers can access the platform on any device—computer, tablet, or phone.

This easy-to-use platform:

  • Streamlines the learning process, as students read texts and complete interpretive activities in the same online space
  • Includes audio recordings of texts, where applicable, which students can activate at any time during a session
  • Aligns each activity to commonly used standards, with new standards being added regularly
  • Retains page references to our print materials so you and your students can work with books or online
  • Simplifies evaluating and grading students’ work
  • Makes it easy to track individual and class time spent on assignments

Junior Great Books Digital Classroom supports student learning and engagement while offering classroom management tools and analytics. It’s now easier than ever to create a virtual classroom setting for both teachers and students!

Junior Great Books Digital Classroom Cornelius illustrations print editions

Experience the same fun and exciting illustrations as in the print editions!

Manage the Classroom

  • Create and manage class rosters
  • Make and share assignments
  • Archive and reactivate classes

Respond to Student Work

  • View and grade work
  • Respond to student notes
  • Give individual feedback

View Student Analytics

  • Track student time spent on assignments
  • Evaluate individual student or whole-class progress
  • Generate course reports showing students’ performance, usage, and achievement of standards

Student Annotation Tools

  • Highlight text with different colors
  • Write or draw with a pen tool
  • Type comments and questions
  • Add stamps to record reactions