Discussion Group Spotlight: Argyle Great Books Group (Argyle, NY)

ArgyleBookGroupEarly in the ‘70s the Argyle Free Library sponsored a series of programs on the Civil War. A small group attended, then continued meeting to discuss our favorite books. One of the early titles was Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon Northup’s account of his kidnapping and subsequent enslavement. We enjoyed reading and discussing it and decided to continue meeting, and one of our members suggested the Great Books program. We got a catalog to look at the choices. At first we wondered whether we were up to reading some of the challenging selections, but we decided to plunge into this ocean of writings, both ancient and modern, to see what would happen. Forty-some-odd years later we are still at it. We have read most of the original Great Books series as evidenced by the accumulation of books on the table in the photograph! We especially enjoyed The 7 Deadly Sins Sampler and Even Deadlier, and are now working our way through the Short Story Omnibus. We continue to meet monthly.


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