Discussion Group Spotlight: Great Readings Book Club (Venice, FL)

GreatReadingsBookClubThe Great Readings Book Club meets from early January through late April. Quite a few members are snowbirds, so we don’t meet during the other months! Because we meet weekly, it works best to use shorter selections from a Great Books anthology. In addition, we generally include two or three other selections. For example, this year we read two books and a Shakespeare play. Members volunteer to present a reading and lead the discussion, and the group has been in existence for at least two decades! We’ve used many Great Books Foundation anthologies, including Great Conversations 1, 3, and 4, Identity and Self Respect, The 7 Deadly Sins Sampler, and Even Deadlier. Presently we are reading from Great Conversations 6. We’re very thankful to Great Books for furnishing quality anthologies and always adding new materials!


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