The Foundation’s longstanding commitment to DEIA is an extension of our mission statement. For 75 years, GBF has sought to create space for civil discussion of deep, meaningful issues that reflect the wide breadth of human experience. We acknowledge that there have been and continue to be voices that have been marginalized and ignored, and we seek to correct that imbalance.

It is helpful to define DEIA, to make clear to ourselves and to our customers what we mean and how we intend to move forward.

  • Diversity is embodied when we include individuals and groups of different identities in our products and personnel.
  • Equity refers to creating culture and systems that allow all learners to thrive within the Great Books classroom, providing equal possible outcomes and success for all involved. We have chosen and will continue to choose texts that may be overlooked. We will do our best to provide support for everyone, including those who have been excluded.
  • Inclusion means providing spaces and resources for people of different backgrounds, identities, and abilities to share their thinking. The Foundation aims to build brave educational communities where people actively think together. Sharing aloud, learning, and growing can be challenging. During this process, our staff is committed to noticing and reducing harmful language and practices.
  • Accessibility is the availability of our programs to all learners.

We come to this work understanding that our approach to DEIA is an ongoing process and a responsibility, and we are committed to doing the work internally as an organization. Our nonpartisan approach will be rooted in careful listening and great humility.