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At the core of our mission, we believe in the strength of collaboratively discussing high-quality literature, and we are committed to fostering civil discourse and civic engagement. Our work impacts the lives of so many people, from young students and their teachers to community partners and veterans groups, for whom the power of discussion is part of a rebuilding process.

Today, 2 out of 3 veterans report difficulties adjusting to civilian life when returning from deployment. One of our programs, Talking Service, provides opportunities for veterans to come together with their peers to discover ways to reflect on their lives, find their voices to tell their own stories, and begin to transition back to civilian life.

Linda Roybal, a veteran who facilitated the Talking Service program in New Mexico, said the best thing about this program is watching veterans “bring their own backgrounds to the table,” which then become a “catalyst” for deep discussion.

“It seems to touch veterans . . . where they hold their deepest memories, often those not readily shared, even in the company of veterans,” Linda said. “The program solidifies the fraternity of those who share the value of military service.”

We need your support to continue this meaningful work with our military veterans, active military personnel, and military family members. Together We Can rebuild lives.

Every dollar you give will be doubled by our generous Board of Directors, up to $30,000, when you donate by December 31, 2019.

Make an impact today! Thank you for your support.

Valentina Texera-Parissi
President & Chief Executive Officer