DOE Supports Underrepresented Students in Gifted & Talented Programs

Our most vulnerable students deserve equal opportunities to succeed in school, and we applaud when new funds are earmarked for their needs. We were pleased to learn that the Department of Education recently gave 11 awards totaling more than $4 million to increase the number of underrepresented students in gifted & talented programs. The awards are targeted to programs aimed at enrolling students who are economically disadvantaged, limited in English language skills, or have disabilities. Grantees will carry out demonstration projects, innovative strategies and scientifically based research to enhance the services provided to gifted and talented K-12 students nationwide. The new grants will allow these states to take models that have proven effective on a small scale and expand the programs to multiple schools or districts. States receiving awards are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.  Read the press release to learn more.

  1. Mrs Mills says:

    I’m looking to enroll my daughter, in a local program in Detroit,MI

    1. Sharon Crowley says:

      Thank you for your interest in Great Books! We’re confident your daughter would enjoy and benefit from participating in the program. Tom Kerschner, the Great Books Consultant for Michigan, will be in touch with you soon. Watch for an email ending with

  2. Kym L. Worthy says:

    I am looking for a Great Books Program in the Detroit, Michigan, area for my ten year old daughter. Thank you, Kym

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