” . . . done more for my students than any other program I have ever used.”

It makes our day—and often our entire week—when teachers tell us how much Great Books benefits them and their students. Elizabeth A. Scott, a second-grade teacher at Kemps Landing/Old Donation School in Virginia Beach, sent us the following enthusiastic message after attending one of our professional development courses.

“At the start of the school year, I attended a Junior Great Books training. Having utilized the program in the past, I went into the training a bit grumpy because I was going to spend two days away from the classroom. However, right at the start of the first day of training, I immediately felt that feeling go away. The Junior Great Books training is hands down the most informative, useful (and fun) professional development that I have ever attended. Even if you have been using Junior Great Books in your classroom, the training provides teachers with the guidance and support needed to maximize the success of the program. The strategies showcased in the training have done more for my students than any other program I have ever used. The deep level of questioning that goes along with the excellent literature challenges readers to think critically and analytically. While this is based in literature, I have seen my students (who are in second grade!), apply the thinking and communication pieces learned in Shared Inquiry to their math congresses, Socratic seminars on world issues and discussions based in other literature outside of the Great Books series.”

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