Thank You!

We wish to thank the following supporters for their generous contributions to the Great Books Foundation during our 2017 fiscal year (July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017).

Grants and Restricted Gifts

Harrison Middleton University




2016–2017 Great Books Foundation Annual Fund

Champions ($10,000 and above)

Schueppert Family Charitable Fund
Cushman & Wakefield

Alex and Anne Pollock

Marcia Wachs Dam

Leaders ($2,000–$9,999)

Richard E. Uihlein

Barbara T. Bowman

Lawlor Foundation

Benefactors ($1,000–$1,999)

David Curd
James M. Reum

Jane C. and Donald Hunt
Charles Brummell, Jr.

Roy L. Lipner
Kevin Conlon

Friends ($200–$999)

Carole Ames
Paula Barker Duffy
Michael L. Igoe

Proven Business Systems
Roger Morrison and Verena Stocker
Robert McCrae

Donald and Janice Elliott
Ruth Read

Patrons ($50–$199)

Nancy B. Davis
Larry J. Carson
James D. Aldridge
Richard Davies
Maureen F. Donlan
Richard Ekdahl
Peter Humphreys
Orton P. Jackson, Jr.
Robert D. Jordan
David and Marjorie Kroll
James and Debra Linday
Jane Mahoney
Glenn W. McGee
Thomas and Monica McGonigle

William E. Moore
Nancy P. Moser
Janine Mudge
Susan Odessey
Steven W. Olson
Arthur Peck
David Shafer
James Roy Vasser
Elizabeth Young
Edith Min
Gregg W. Taylor
Ronald Adkins
Bernice P. Baeumler
Thomas J. Beam

Perry Combs
Roger F. Cooper
Emerson Library Great Books Group
Maria Galeota
Evelyn Kritchevsky
Kathryn P. Kroger
Harry H. Manko
Fred T. and Eileen Nobrega
Joan E. Short
Franklin M. Spalding, DDS
Donald and Merrilea Trawin
Baard Webster

Donors ($49 or less)

Linda Blanding
Abby M. Gross
Betty T. Long
Randall W. Quinn
Carol A-Awadi
Darren Griswold
Francine Laura

Ocie Bernstein
Maurine E. Kornfeld
Thomas McNeely
Yukihiro Odajima
James Reid
David Berger
Robert and Renee Wolff

Robert Guyon Sr.
Arthur and Marcia Meyers
Coralie S. Ginsburg
E.C. Burleson, Jr.
Paul Duplessis

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

In Memory of Bill Stevenson
Coralie S. Ginsburg

In Memory of Ariana Holliday Dickson Mangum
Francine Laura

In Memory of Charlotte Finucane
Jane Mahoney

In Memory of Janet McCrae
Robert McCrae

In Memory of Mary Jane Mudge
Janine Mudge

In Memory of Ted and Mary Tobin
Fred T. and Eileen Nobrega

In Memory of B. J. Smith
Ruth Read

In Memory of George Riley
John Riley

In Memory of Richard Marshall
Robert and Renee Wolff