Choose your grade level and try it in class!

The best way to motivate students to read nonfiction is to make sure the texts are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on these thought-provoking texts that explore different subject areas and inspire close reading and in-depth questioning. Choose from:

  • “Splash! Rustle! How Habitats Help Frogs Survive”—grade 2 (Life Science: Animals and Habitats)
  • “Small Acts Make a Big Difference”—grade 3 (Social Studies: Social Responsibility)
  • “Leave It to Beavers?”—grade 4 (Physical Science: Weather and Climate)

Either of the grade 3 or grade 4 selections is appropriate for use in grade 5 as well.

Each text in Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry is correlated with a specific story from the Junior Great Books fiction series at the same grade level (see the charts below). For example:

  • “Splash! Rustle! How Habitats Help Frogs Survive” connects to “The Wise Little Toad” in Junior Great Books Series 2, Book Two
  • “Small Acts Make a Big Difference” connects to “The Gold Coin” in Junior Great Books Series 3, Book One
  • “Leave It to Beavers?” connects to “Letting Swift River Go” in Junior Great Books Series 4, Book Two

Text-to-Text Connection prompts allow students to compare and contrast the stories and nonfiction texts in writing or discussion.

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