Echoes of War: A Unique Introduction to Shared Inquiry

Thanks to grant support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we’re excited to partner with the Minnesota Humanities Center to present Echoes of War—NEH discussion leader training. Through a mix of carefully selected readings, guided discussion, lectures, and field trip experiences, participants in the workshop will prepare to lead community conversations on the topic of history, collective memory and war memorials, as we explore how those themes relate to veterans’ experiences of war. Throughout the residential workshop, participants will focus on the themes of duty, heroism and suffering, and motivation, comparing combat and noncombat representations and experiences.  The training features selections from the our anthology, Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian and professional learning consultant Bill Siegel will train participants in the Shared Inquiry™ method of discussion.  The training will take place August 1–4, 2106 at the MHC headquarters in St Paul, Minnesota. Echoes of War is part of MHC’s Veterans’ Voices initiative which draws on the power of the humanities to call attention to the stories and contributions of veterans. This initiative amplifies, honors, and recognizes the stories and contributions of Minnesota veterans in their own voice through plays, art, discussion groups, and the Veterans’ Voices Award.




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