Custom Great Books consultation in progress

Now is the perfect time to book a custom on-site or online consultation with your Great Books professional learning consultant. Teachers have had more than half the school year to implement Junior Great Books® in their classrooms, so now they can really benefit from the personalized, specific feedback we provide. And, if teachers are not using Junior Great Books, we are experts in inquiry-based learning and can provide custom curriculum design for all grade levels.

You can choose one or multiple days for our trainers to consult your teachers in the areas in which they need the most guidance. Our consultants can:

  • Make sure your Junior Great Books program is addressing state standards
  • Show you how to build science of reading pillars with the JGB program
  • Create a game plan to address learning benchmarks your school or district is trying to reach
  • Show educators how to use inquiry-based strategies within your school’s already existing curriculum

Every consultant is equipped to:

  • Colead Shared Inquiry™ discussion with your students, in your classrooms
  • Demonstrate Shared Inquiry discussion with your students while you observe
  • Meet with your team of teachers and discuss implementation strategies
  • Participate in grade-level meetings focused on lesson planning, differentiation, and adaptation
  • Consult with you for any other support you may need

Custom Great Books consultation in progress

“The professional development has been instrumental. This is a concept that we’ve been using, but having Great Books take the time to explain it has really allowed us to intentionally embed Shared Inquiry within our classroom. That intentional embedding has made it all the more valuable.”

Elizabeth Scholz
Sixth-Grade Dean of Students
Holy Innocents Episcopal School
Atlanta, GA

Earn Your Next Badge!

Every educator who completes our Shared Inquiry Essentials training course earns the 100-Level Shared Inquiry Leader Badge. Those who complete custom consultation will earn the 200-Level Consultation Participant Badge. Not only will participants learn more effective inquiry-based strategies, but they will have additional credentials to share their expertise with the education community at large! Learn about our badging and certification program here.

Book Custom Consultation Today!

To learn more about all of our professional development options, from our introductory Shared Inquiry Essentials Training Course, which prepares educators to use Junior Great Books in their classrooms, to advanced courses and custom consultations, please reach out to your Great Books K–12 partnership manager. They will be happy to help you choose the right PD options.