What does it mean to be part of a community? What’s one thing you could do to make your community a better place?

Download our Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry lesson plans FREE, and discuss these important questions with your students. The lesson plans include the full selection “Small Acts Make a Big Difference,” which profiles three young people who have volunteered in their communities in different ways:

  • Kymani Quarrie delivered hygiene bags to homeless shelters
  • Abigail Lupi sang for residents of an assisted living center
  • Jessica Carscadden donated stuffed animals to kids who needed comfort

You can read this selection with your students and explore their feelings about volunteering, as well as their ideas about what community means, through the interpretive activities we provide. Through these activities, students will:

  • Read for understanding
  • Ask questions
  • Reread and take notes
  • Form ideas about issues raised in the text
  • Support their ideas with evidence during discussion

Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry for grades 2–5 is a great way to help students learn how to read closely, think critically, contribute their ideas, and listen to the ideas of fellow students while learning about diverse topics. Plus, each selection in our Nonfiction Inquiry series pairs with a Junior Great Books fiction selection in the corresponding grade and is aligned with national benchmarks in science, social studies, and English language arts.

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