What is the Shared Inquiry™ method of learning? How does using it in Junior Great Books® programs help students read for deeper comprehension, ask incisive questions, and become more engaged with fiction and nonfiction texts? How does practicing the Shared Inquiry method build teaching skills?

Join us to learn the answers to these and other important questions in our FREE webinar, An Overview of Shared Inquiry!

In this interactive one-hour webinar, you will:

  • Participate in a rich Shared Inquiry discussion with fellow educators
  • See exactly how Junior Great Books programs improve students’ reading comprehension, speaking and listening, writing, and collaboration skills
  • Learn how teachers inspire student participation through open-ended questioning
  • See how the Shared Inquiry method uses writing in every step of the learning process

This overview will provide details that demonstrate why students in schools that use our method and materials learn how to consider important ideas, find their voice, and develop a deep understanding of complex texts.

A group of teachers meet together via video conferencing for an overview of shared inquiry webinar

“​​The Shared Inquiry strategies and the way we interact with a text can be used with any genre. We use it with poetry, we use it with nonfiction, we use it in preparation for our state testing. What I love about Junior Great Books is it allows any text to become more accessible . . . in my class, or in science or social studies, or even in math.”

—Jessica Lochte
Fifth-Grade ELA Teacher
Oakwood Intermediate School, College Station, TX


If you have any questions about this webinar or about Junior Great Books classroom materials or professional development, please contact Jay Geverola at 312.646.7119 or geverola@greatbooks.org.