You can transform your classroom into a hub of civic engagement where students not only study government and society but also actively participate in shaping their future as adults. Elevate your teaching experience and prepare the next generation of informed, thoughtful citizens with the Great Books Foundation’s curricula featuring civics and the Shared Inquiry™ method of learning.

Free Info Session

Civics, Great Books, and Shared Inquiry

December 12, 2023 • 3:30–4:00 p.m. CST

Teenager student doing a civics presentation in a Great Books classroom

With a special focus on civics education, this quick 30-minute briefing will show you how to choose selections from Great Books history and civics anthologies and use the Shared Inquiry method of learning to create effective curriculums for teaching civics, history, and government.

Register for this 30-minute overview to see how interpretive activities and rich original texts support student learning, meet state and district standards, and promote:

  • Critical thinking
  • Student-driven learning
  • Increased engagement
  • Regular practice in speaking, listening, and writing

After the overview, we will furnish you with sample lesson plans tailored to your needs, so you will have the opportunity to examine our selections. In addition, you can view the complete sequence of interpretive activities we use to help students get the very most out of reading and collaborating throughout Great Books units!

Great Books History and Civics Anthologies

The need for innovative and effective teaching methodologies in civics and government classes has never been more apparent than it is in the landscape of today’s classrooms. Our unique Shared Inquiry learning method is a powerful approach that promises to revolutionize how we cultivate critical thinking and civic engagement among our students. Our history and civics anthologies are composed of all-original texts from which students can draw their own interpretations, and engage in robust classroom discussions about US and world history, civic engagement, human rights, and more.

Our anthologies include:

Take a look at each of these volumes to find the perfect curriculum for your classroom! To learn more about Great Books programs and professional learning in Shared Inquiry for teachers, please contact your K–12 partnership manager.