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Denise Ahlquist

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Teri Laliberte

Our academic consultants travel all across the country to help schools implement Junior Great Books® and Shared Inquiry™ learning into their curricula.

Our consultants work with all kinds of schools, from primary to middle to high schools, from Montessori schools to charter schools.

All of our consultants are experts in Junior Great books and Shared Inquiry learning, which is why they can help teachers begin their Shared Inquiry journey, customize courses to fit unique learning settings, and help develop new curricula or expand already existing ones.

Check out all the places our academic consultants have been!

Bronx, NY

In January, Danielle visited the Icahn Charter Schools in New York’s Bronx! While there, Danielle consulted both the second-grade and fifth-grade teams on how to best implement Junior Great Books and Shared Inquiry learning into their curriculum.


In February, Denise travelled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to visit the International School of Louisiana and teach a specially designed course for Junior Great Books champion Dr. Laura Adelman-Cannon. She and her partner came in early to go to the Lundi and Mardi Gras parades, hear fine music, and eat great food before the course began.


Denise travelled to Rocklin, California, to visit Rocklin Elementary. The principal and Junior Great Books champion, Amanda Makis, has some new staff members, so Denise taught a blended Shared Inquiry Essentials course and provided the team with brand-new JGB materials.


Teri travelled to Pensacola, Florida, to visit Pensacola Catholic High School. There, Teri taught Shared Inquiry Essentials to the English and social studies faculty. They loved Teri so much that they will have her back in the fall to help develop new curriculum around the materials on their approved reading lists. While in Pensacola, Teri also got to take an afternoon walk on the beach.


Teri gave an in-person Shared Inquiry Essentials Course in May in Sacramento, California, at Jesuit High School. There were 26 educators who benefited from Teri’s wealth of experience teaching the Shared Inquiry method.


Denise led a two-day in-person Shared Inquiry Essentials course at the Coral Cliffs Professional Development Learning Center, where they use Junior Great Books in both high-ability and regular classrooms. Participants included their district administrator, curriculum coordinator, and seven K–7 teachers from two counties. After the course, Denise toured Bryce Canyon and took sunrise and sunset pictures!

Our consultants are still on the move! Here are some of their upcoming trips!


In June, Teri will work with Dorrance Scholarship Program educators on starting their Shared Inquiry journeys.


In August, Teri will travel to Arizona to teach Shared Inquiry Essentials for teachers in the Dixie school district.