We designed the brand-new Junior Great Books® Digital Classroom to give you what you asked for, including an easy way to see how student activities align to commonly used standards and the ability to track student performance.

View Standards Alignments

Every assignment that students complete in Junior Great Books Digital Classroom is aligned to commonly used standards that you can view and track. New standards are being added continually. Now you will know exactly which standards you’re teaching to!

Junior Great Books Digital Classroom aligns each activity to commonly used standards, with new standards being added regularly.

Grade Assignments and Track Student Performance

Junior Great Books Digital Classroom supports student learning and engagement while offering classroom management tools and analytics. Each assignment can be graded using the gradebook provided in the platform. You can choose which assignments you want to include in your performance report.

For grades 2–8, comprehension tests give you a handy way to gauge how well your students understand a text. In grades K–1, mini-lessons enable the whole class to collaborate on answering the question, how did we do?

The gradebook provides a snapshot of students’ progress and performance on any given assignment.

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Junior Great Books Digital Classroom is an easy-to-use platform that streamlines the learning process, as students read texts and complete interpretive activities in the same online space. It works with your school’s single sign-on or learning management system. Click on the button below to learn all about this new platform or to set up a free trial!