Most schools or districts who implement Junior Great Books® use a mix of introductory training, intermediate- and advanced-level courses, and consultation with our seasoned group of trainers to get teachers started and to support them as they learn, practice, and master the Shared Inquiry™ method. Whether you are new to Junior Great Books or have been using the program for some time, we have the perfect blend of options for you.

Customize Your Training

To get started right away, tell us a little about yourself and your setting and we will schedule a call with you. One of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to either provide you with more information or to assist you in scheduling customized Great Books training. Visit this page to get in touch!

Junior Great Books trainer with Group Of teachers learning about the Shared Inquiry method

New! Shared Inquiry Essentials On Demand Training

Beginning in August, you can take our introductory training course at your own pace and your own convenience. This brand-new offering will be ready on time for the new school year! Be one of the first to learn about the new course by filling in this very brief form.

Designed for teachers, this asynchronous course prepares you to begin using the Great Books Foundation’s Shared Inquiry method of learning through reading and discussion with students at all levels. Participants will learn questioning strategies that keep discussions lively and focused and improve students’ reading, critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills. Practice writing interpretive questions and using follow-up questions to involve students of all ages and proficiency levels. This course includes up to 8 hours of self-paced instruction!

The new On Demand course consists of short instructional videos, readings you will do in the Shared Inquiry course book, and activities you will complete in your own time.

New! Badging and Certification

We want to recognize your expertise in Shared Inquiry and make it simpler to share your achievements with others. We are now issuing a Shared Inquiry Leader digital badge to participants who complete the Shared Inquiry Essentials course. This badge makes it easier for teachers and administrators to track professional development and to share teachers’ ongoing learning with colleagues, administrators, and the community. The badge can be shared in an email signature, LMS profile page, or on social media. Administrators can request a secure login to view badges earned by teachers, and schools and districts will be able to embed badges on their websites.

Learn more about our new badging and certification program, including how you can earn specialist badges at higher levels of proficiency!

Complete Training Options

We have on-site, online, and on-demand training for you! To browse the full list of options, just visit our Shared Inquiry Learning Center. Choose from:

  • Shared Inquiry Essentials Training, our introductory course that prepares teachers to implement Junior Great Books in their classrooms
  • Intermediate and advanced courses, which focus on particular aspects of Shared Inquiry to boost your confidence and practice
  • Professional development packages, which include initial training, follow-up support, and practice sessions that will give your Junior Great Books program a strong start and give teachers the guidance they need as your implementation progresses