Have you been curious about the Junior Great Books program but haven’t tried implementing it yet? Are you interested in the benefits of inquiry-based learning for both students and teachers?

We see a huge increase in student engagement when we use Great Books materials and the Shared Inquiry method. Just the level of excitement that kids get about being able to be invited into a text and have their own ideas be safe and acceptable in a large group is really meaningful and gives them ownership—and therefore the student engagement increases.

—Lauren Guest

Instructional Coach/Reading Intervention

Oakwood Intermediate School, College Station, TX

Watch the Junior Great Books customer panel discussion!

On June 14, we assembled a panel of experienced Junior Great Books practitioners, who sat down to discuss the program in a relaxed Zoom gathering. Their rapport was tremendous, and their insights invaluable. We are making the entire recording available to you right here!

Learn what your fellow educators had to say about:

  • How the Junior Great Books program enables students to have respectful conversations with each other
  • Why student engagement soars when teachers use the program
  • How students who participate in the Junior Great Books program improve their reading comprehension, communication, and writing skills year-on-year when they continue with the program
  • How student writing improves through Junior Great Books activities
  • Why Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry is so appealing to students and teachers
  • Why teachers buy into the program so readily
  • How our professional development provides both initial and ongoing support

Our panelists come from a variety of educational settings where they work with students of varying ability levels. The consensus is clear: Junior Great Books not only improves students’ English language arts skills—the inquiry strategies used in the program apply beyond language arts to subjects across the curriculum and to effective communication outside of school.

Please enjoy the video, and learn why Junior Great Books is so beloved by educators who have adopted it. We know you will develop ideas about how the program can work in your setting, so please contact us to discuss an implementation of any size. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

JGB Customer Panelists

Lauren Guest, instructional coach/reading intervention, Oakwood Intermediate School, College Station, TX

Amy Keir, K–12 teaching and learning coordinator, Elyria City School District, Elyria, Ohio

Jessica Lochte, fifth-grade ELA teacher, Oakwood Intermediate School, College Station, TX

Kristen Modes, instructional specialist in gifted education, Charles County Public Schools, MD

Holly Smigal, elementary gifted resource teacher, Charles County Public Schools, MD

Ann Taylor, content specialist for gifted and differentiated services, Charles County Public Schools, MD

Stephanie Walent, seventh-grade language arts teacher, Somers Middle School, Charles County Public Schools, MD