Are you reflecting on the past year, already planning for next? This habit, shared by highly effective educators, allows you to learn from your experiences and build even more engaging, impactful lessons in the future.

We’re here to help! Consultants at the Great Books Foundation regularly work with districts and teacher teams to help you build a more coherent curriculum, integrating Junior Great Books® (JGB) with other available resources to meet the needs of your students.

For example, earlier this year, the International School of Louisiana, which provides K-8 students with curriculum in French and Spanish as well as English, held a Shared Inquiry Essentials training course that was tailored specifically for their needs. The demonstration discussion of Antoine Exupéry’s The Little Prince was trilingual and involved staff from across three campuses. Then teachers of all three languages practiced applying the skills needed to choose and prepare texts that are effective for Shared Inquiry™ learning.

To help you get started reaping the benefits of curriculum planning, here’s information on how Junior Great Books aligns with the science of reading. Here’s a model for using JGB in Montessori and other mixed-age settings, where students learn together across longer periods of time. And since International Baccalaureate schools use themes to organize learning, we offer these PYP and MYP planning documents. We can also provide you with alignments to NAGC and state and national standards, and assist with integrating, pacing and differentiation.

Students sitting at their desks on their first day back to school ready for Junior Great Books Shared Inquiry Discussion

Plan Your Curriculum Beginning Today!

Our expert professional learning team is available to help you build on the investments you’ve made in training and materials, and to take your implementation to the next level of effectiveness with customized curriculum planning. Talk to your Great Books K–12 partnership manager today about virtual and on-site options!