Now you can customize the Junior Great Books Virtual Academy™ for your students! Either choose from the many options available, or develop your own curriculum from Junior Great Books® materials. Just contact your Great Books Foundation educational consultant to get started!

Four-, six-, and eight-week sessions are available for students in grades 1–8. There is a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 15 students per class.

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Junior Great Books Virtual Academy Summer School

Subject Grade Levels Description
Visual Art and Poetry: Exploring Creative Mediums 1–8 Explore a wide variety of works of visual art and poetry, from Marc Chagall to Vincent van Gogh to William Carlos Williams
Folktales 2–3 Focus on classic folktales from different times and places
Bravery 2–3 Explore stories from different cultures that raise the question, What is bravery?, as well as some works of visual art
Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 2–5 Discuss super-engaging nonfiction texts on many subjects: amazing animals, volunteerism, Westward migration, inventors, and more!
Magical Choices 4–5 Focus on stories featuring characters who have to make decisions in situations where magic is possible
Integrity 4–5 Explore stories from different cultures that raise the question, What is integrity?, as well as some works of visual art
Film: Exploring Language and Meaning 4–8 We watch and enjoy films, commercials, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and a variety of visual mediums every day. But how do filmmakers create meaning? And how do we talk about a film’s meaning?
What Motivates Us? 6–8 Why do we make the decisions we make and take the actions we take? Motivation can be influenced by external rewards like money or internal rewards like knowing you did the right thing.
Fairness 6–8 Explore texts from different cultures that raise the question, What is fairness?, as well as some works of visual art.
Perspectives 6–8 Explore how perspective is all about how you see and understand yourself, other people, and the world around you

Students who participate in these collaborative online sessions will be thinking critically about big ideas while having fun. Shared Inquiry™ activities in which students engage include:

  • Building context for deeper exploration
  • Close reading and analysis of texts, visual art, and film
  • Making and explaining inferences about texts, visual art, and film
  • Considering how discussion changed or expanded their initial ideas and interpretations

As a bonus, we encourage teachers to attend sessions led by our expert trainers. Whether they are already trained Junior Great Books leaders or not, teachers will learn many new strategies in inquiry-based learning and in conducting online Shared Inquiry sessions!

My daughter thought it was great! She enjoyed reading the stories and interacting with other children.

R. V.
Washington, DC

Everyone was able to collaborate and share their ideas. It made me see everyone’s point of view and why they thought what they did.

JGB Virtual Academy

Junior Great Books Virtual Academy Individual Registration

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