With all-new texts that range from classic favorites to contemporary works you won’t find in any other collection, the new Junior Great Books® Series 6–8 is available in print and online through Junior Great Books Digital Classroom. Lead exciting collaborative discussions among your middle school students, and see their reading comprehension, critical thinking, speaking and listening, and writing skills thrive!

Features of the New Junior Great Books Series 6–8

  • 20 high-quality texts per grade level, with 10 fiction selections, 8 nonfiction texts, and 2 poems
  • In-depth reading, critical thinking, and writing activities
  • Note-taking options focused on author’s craft
  • Differentiated instruction for every core activity
  • Formal and informal assessment options
  • Teacher support and online resources
  • Print and digital options

View the complete tables of contents for Series 6, Series 7, or Series 8.

These new materials meet state and national standards in English language arts and maintain the Junior Great Books focus on our Shared Inquiry™ method of learning, a combination of close reading, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our inquiry-based approach to learning has been recognized as effective by the US Department of Education, Learning Forward, and other studies of curricula. Plus, our core activities and student reflection options support widely recognized social and emotional learning skills.

Try Before You Buy!

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“People might say ideas that you haven’t thought of, and you might think differently than you did before because of what people are saying. You can explain more about what you’re trying to say so that people might understand you better.”

Sixth-Grade Junior Great Books Student

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“Involving people in the conversation is something you have to learn. I think Junior Great Books is great in having people practice that. In my class, the people who talk a lot try to engage the people who don’t talk a lot by asking, ‘Do you want to say something?’ or ‘Do you want to contribute to the conversation?'”

Seventh-Grade Junior Great Books Student

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“We can all come together, discuss a topic, think about other people’s opinions about the book, and have really productive conversations about it.”

Eighth-Grade Junior Great Books Student