New Features Released on 8/11/22

Junior Great Books Digital Classroom for grades K–8 brings our high-quality fiction and nonfiction programs to your students, wherever and however you are meeting with them! We have added new features and updated key capabilities on time for the 2022–23 school year to make the platform easier to use and more rewarding for students and teachers.

Improved Annotation Capabilities

Now students can use stamps for easier note-taking (including question marks, stars, exclamation points, and smiley faces). Plus, common annotation features—like highlighting, underlining, or being able to add a note—now pop up wherever a student clicks on the text. We have also added glossary terms and definitions.

Improved annotation features make it easy for students to highlight important text, express their feelings, and remember questions they want to ask.

Increased Teacher Capabilities

Teachers can now:

  • Use rollover for additional question types—including multipart activities, free response, free drawing, book activity, and more
  • See word count of student responses as they enter data
  • Archive and unarchive classes
  • Make assignments for the whole class and for individual students within a class
  • Organize students into custom-named groups
  • Give each assignment a custom name

Free Response Rollover

Teachers can now access information easily in the gradebook using the new rollover feature.

Gradebook Enhancements

Teachers can execute bulk actions to make classroom management a snap. They can also:

  • Change the due date of multiple assignments at the same time
  • Access average student time spent on course usage reports
  • Use date filters on assignment pages
  • Rollover the date in the submitted column to see a Reassign button. This creates a brand new assignment of the same content.

Public URLs for All Downloads

Students and teachers can now easily download lesson PDFs, images, and audio and video resources.

Request a Free Trial!

See the enhancements to Junior Great Books Digital Classroom for yourself by requesting a free trial. Or, request a tour to see how the improved platform will boost your existing subscription. Just contact your K–12 partnership manager to see all the new and improved features!