On Inauguration Day, we were inspired and moved as we listened to Amanda Gorman’s powerful poem, which calls for unity and togetherness. To help you begin powerful conversations in your classrooms, we have put together Shared Inquiry lesson plans around this beautiful poem.

These lesson plans, appropriate for grades 5 and higher, enable all students to explore and analyze this nationally significant text. By emphasizing students’ reactions and the benefits of collaboration, the Shared Inquiry activity sequence makes exploring significant questions enjoyable. This sequence invites students to:

  • Share what they notice about the text and Gorman’s delivery of it
  • Read closely and analyze specific words, phrases, and literary elements
  • Use evidence to explain their answers
  • Listen and respond civilly to other students’ ideas
  • Develop ideas further through writing and/or text-to-text connections

Using the Great Books Foundation’s inquiry-based approach, you will be amazed at the depth your students can reach as they explore this stunning text.

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