Many schools and districts will be conducting online classes on a full- or part-time basis when school is back in session. We’ve got you covered with Great Books Plus! You can purchase digital materials through grade-level licenses for very affordable prices or add Great Books Plus to your purchased print materials for just $7.00 per person.

Great Books Plus is an online digital solution that supports remote learning by enabling students to engage with Junior Great Books outside the classroom. Our Great Books Plus digital platform provides 24-hour access to student texts and teacher guides on up to six devices per user. With Great Books Plus, not only will you improve learning skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication but you will also give your students the opportunity to improve their technological literacy.

Same great look, pagination, and illustrations used in print editions.

Series available in Great Books Plus:

  • Junior Great Books grades K–8*
  • Nonfiction Inquiry grades 2–5

K–8 Options for Remote Learning

JGB Online Access with Grade-Level Licenses on Great Books Plus

Start an online Junior Great Books K–8 program for your classroom with our grade-level licenses, and have peace of mind knowing that whether learning is in person or remote, your class will have digital access to keep the learning going. Each license will give your teachers and students access to all of the texts available at their grade level.

Junior Great Books Print with Great Books Plus Digital Add-On*

Need digital access to your Junior Great Books K–8 print materials? When you purchase print materials, you can be prepared for remote learning by adding a digital license for $7.00 per user. This is a great option if teachers and students are not able to access their print copy for any reason. You only pay the $7.00 fee once per user, per year, no matter how many texts are being used.