Students of all ages who participate in Junior Great Books increase their reading comprehension, boost their critical thinking, thoughtfully analyze texts, share their ideas with classmates, listen to others, and write more confidently about what they have read and the ideas they have shared. Teachers who implement Great Books programs open up their classrooms to student expression and add effective strategies to their instructional practice.

Now we are offering you the chance to share this knowledge with your colleagues in An Overview of Shared Inquiry interactive webinar. We will schedule this specialized demonstration ONLY for the educators in your school or district, FREE for all who attend.

If you have 10 or more colleagues who you think would benefit from experiencing this webinar, we’ll create this opportunity just for you! Participants will:

  • Learn what the Shared Inquiry method is and why it works so well with students
  • Actively engage in a Shared Inquiry discussion, participating just like students do
  • Discover the wealth of classroom materials we offer, including fiction and nonfiction student books, teacher’s editions, reader’s journals, and online resources
  • Learn about our ongoing professional development support—from introductory trainings through intermediate and advanced courses
  • Get a brief overview of the Foundation’s history and mission as a nonprofit organization

For students that are age 5 or 13 right now, we don’t know what the world is going to look like when they’re 25. I think Shared Inquiry then is a really powerful way to help kids learn how to think, how to analyze, ask and answer questions—the kind of skill set that in 20 years [will] be very helpful in every aspect of your life.

Dr. Erin Roche
Prescott Elementary School
Chicago, IL

Take this opportunity to bring a fresh approach to learning and instruction to your institution. We will be delighted to show you what Junior Great Books can bring to students and educators in this exclusive one-hour webinar.