Extend your Shared Inquiry Expertise with Virtual Coaching

Leading effective classroom discussions requires a mixture of planning and spontaneity. Teachers must prepare complex texts, express their natural curiosity about what they read, and formulate questions based on the ideas of their students. To attain this level of expertise, teachers need lots of practice and detailed feedback on how they’re performing—and that’s exactly what our new Virtual Coaching program provides.

Virtual Coaching is a powerful program that helps teachers improve their questioning and discussion-leading skills. Teachers upload videos of classroom discussions and receive detailed critiques from experienced Great Books professional learning consultants. Our Video Coaching program is a highly effective and time-efficient way for teachers to improve their skills. In fact, there is no other medium that approaches video coaching for providing thorough, specific, actionable information on how to conduct inquiry in the classroom.

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“….questioning and discussion….are the only two instructional moves that the Framework prescribes every teacher should implement in every lesson every day.”
–Laura Meili and Sheila Cashman, Office of Professional Learning, Chicago Public Schools

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