Free Online Discussions for Veterans

Announcing an upcoming series of four free online discussions for veterans!

I am so excited to continue my work with veterans and their families through our Talking Service program. This program has given me the great honor of facilitating discussions and training with former veterans, their families, and various state humanities councils.

Talking Service is a Great Books program that provides veterans a safe place to talk about the challenges of returning to civilian life after their great service to our country. Many who are reluctant to express their deepest personal concerns do so more readily when viewing their experiences through a work of literature. Talking Service uses literature and discussion to help individuals come to grips with some of their most deeply affecting experiences.

In these challenging times, the Great Books Foundation wants to continue our outreach to our proud and loyal service members. So, as part of our Talking Service program, the Foundation is proud to announce an upcoming series of four free online discussions for veterans, their families, and others who are part of their lives. Register for any or all of the discussions, and talk about issues that are important to veterans! Each discussion will be on a different text from our collection Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian. All participants will receive a free ebook of the collection. I hope to see you there!

Director of Digital Media, Senior Trainer, and President of International Training/China Michael Elsey has over 30 years of experience as both a professional development coach and media creator. He has conducted numerous workshops on the Shared Inquiry method with a wide range of teacher and student populations throughout the country and abroad. Michael holds an MFA in film from Columbia College Chicago and an MA in philosophy from the Catholic University of America. In his precious spare time, he is working on his second novel.