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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” —Winston Churchill

Are you familiar with  #GivingTuesday? After the abundance of Thanksgiving and the mad rush of shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the first Tuesday of December is a day dedicated to giving back. This year we’re excited to launch our first #GivingTuesday campaign: #GivingVoice! We want to celebrate #GivingVoice to readers of all ages for over 70 years, hear your stories about how reading and discussion gave you your voice, and encourage you to support the Great Books mission.

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2 thoughts on “#GivingVoice on #GivingTuesday

  1. I am celebrating my 80th birthday in February. As a teacher I used the Shared Inquiry method with my English and Reading classes in my high school and community college. For the past 6 years I have run a Great Books group at the Newburgh Free Library in the Hudson Valley in New York State.
    Many years ago the New York Times published an article on How to Train the Aging Brain. We Senior Citizens were encouraged to continue to present our minds with “disorienting dilemmas.” The basic question used to guide each discussion has proven to be the source of many of these dilemmas. I think it was Gary who said at a workshop that the real work of the discussion happens when we leave the table. I have never gone home without bringing with me an idea suggested by another thinker- an idea which had never occurred to me before. Of course listening to the writer to understand his or her position on a topic, while suspending my own thoughts and opinions, has made me a far better listener than I have ever been. Brian Lamb, on CSpan, interviewed Mortimer Adler when he was a senior citizen. The CD of this interview is a great addition to anyone’s media collection. ( perhaps even a lovely holiday gift for someone on your list this year). Adler’s inspiring words will motivate any thinking person to become engaged in a GB discussion group if one is available. If there is no group in your area, do what we did and start one. It will stand as one of your shining life achievements. Thank you to all who make the Great Books programs available to us. Congratulations on your anniversary. May you thrive and grow for a thousand years.

  2. Louise, Thank you for supporting our work for so many years and for sharing your story with us! We never tire of hearing from Great Books enthusiasts. I’ll be sure to share your comment with Gary Schoepfel too. Congratulations on your upcoming milestone birthday! Be well.

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