Great Books at Veterans Upward Bound Conference

We’re super excited about attending this week’s Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) conference in Fairfax, Virginia! The conference theme, “Boots to Books: Bridging the Gap,” is obviously close to our hearts and we look forward to introducing VUB administrators to Shared Inquiry™  at our March 11th workshop. Susan Galbraith, Vice President of Global Programs will conduct the session.

VUB is a nationwide, free-of-charge program (funded through the U.S. Department of Education) that helps disadvantaged veterans prepare to go to the college of their choice. Originally funded in 1972, VUB was designed to assist Vietnam War veterans in transitioning into the classroom and making good use of their GI Bill funds. Over the years, VUB has evolved into a comprehensive pre-college program for veterans of all eras. Read more about VUB.


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