Bring outstanding fiction and nonfiction to your classroom with Great Books Roundtable and Literature & Thought

Great Books Roundtable features:

  • High-quality literature, with fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by award-winning authors
  • In-depth reading, critical thinking, and writing activities that encourage students to read closely, think deeply about what they have read, and listen and respond to their classmates
  • Teaching and learning in stages to help students build proficiency and gain mastery in inquiry-based learning
  • Outstanding teacher’s editions with extensive support, including suggestions for differentiated instruction to address the needs of all students

Literature & Thought comprises:

  • Anthologies in subjects across the curriculum: government and current events, historical events and eras, literary themes, and literary genres
  • Popular titles including Voices of the Holocaust, We the People: Foundations of American Government, To Be a Hero, and Echoes from Mt. Olympus
  • Essential questions and unit-specific cluster questions that help develop specific critical thinking skills

See middle school students participate in Shared Inquiry discussion

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