Great Books Foundation Names Valentina Texera-Parissi New CEO

The Board of Directors of Chicago-based educational nonprofit organization the Great Books Foundation announced today that Valentina Texera-Parissi will succeed Joseph Coulson as Chief Executive Officer.

For 20 years, Texera-Parissi has served schools and educational organizations, helping to build ambitious curricular plans and improve learning outcomes. Prior to becoming CEO, Texera-Parissi was Executive Director of K-12 Programs for the Foundation. In this role, she led the rebranding of the Foundation and launched “Great Books Plus,” a new digital platform for Junior Great Books. Early in her career, Texera-Parissi served the Foundation as a Senior Account Manager, a formative experience that led to national and international positions with other educational organizations, including Encyclopædia Britannica, Language Stars and James G. Blaine Elementary School.

Read the full article at PR Newswire.

  1. Congratulations, Valentina Texera-Parissi, on your appointment to CEO of the Great Books Foundation. And, thank you for your years of service past, and years of service to come, advancing the reach of Great Books. Go Valentina!

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